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Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence Lawyer In Colorado Springs

Domestic violence accusations are very serious matters, and the accused must take immediate steps to defend themselves. The law is designed to protect victims and ensure that perpetrators are held accountable for their actions. However, this is also a very politically and socially charged issue that often leads to improper arrests, trials and convictions.

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Defendants are often presumed guilty as soon as someone accuses them of committing an act of violence in the home. They are automatically arrested, held without bond, brought before a judge and often coerced into admitting guilt out of fear that they will be convicted after a trial. Prosecutors often scare defendants in order to get convictions and improve their resumes. Police often spin situations in order to show that they are working to reduce crime in their communities.

Never admit or say anything if you have been arrested and charged with domestic violence until you have contacted an attorney. You will have ample time to share your side of the story and mount a solid defense in due time. You do not want to risk saying anything that can give the prosecution, police or alleged victim any ammunition that can be used to hurt you and your reputation.

Many Accused Individuals Are Victims

There are many times when a lover, spouse, partner, child or other family member will level a false accusation against someone. Spite, anger, revenge, jealousy or an attempt to gain the upper-hand in other legal proceedings are all common examples of why people make false accusations against someone else.

There are also times when the prosecution or police will overlook the fact that the accused needed to defend themselves against an act of aggression that was initiated by the other party. The end result is that the wrong person is arrested, shoved through a system that is not necessarily designed to protect them or give them due process while the real aggressor is free and at home.

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The McDowell Law Firm understands how to protect the rights of the accused while helping them to have their fair day in court. We understand the long-term consequences of being charged, prosecuted and convicted of domestic violence. We put our resources to work for our clients in order to provide competent and aggressive representation through a process that is often not balanced or fair.

Protect your freedom and reputation by calling our office today. We will walk you through your options, explore the particulars of your case and provide honest and realistic advice about how to proceed. Don’t take any chances when it comes to dealing with a domestic violence charge. Your future depends on the quality and effectiveness of your defense.