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Criminal Defense

Criminal Defense Lawyer In Colorado

A criminal offense can be anything from getting a speeding ticket to being charged with murder. Anything that carries the potential for jail time, fines and inclusion on a criminal record falls under this category. What most people do not realize is that even the most trivial and seemingly inconsequential charges can follow them for the rest of their lives.

You Have Rights

Many people forget that they have rights. It is easy to look at the news or social media and come to the conclusion that people are guilty simply because they have been accused of wrongdoing. It takes a trial and conviction to establish guilt, and there are also times when an appeal can clear the name of someone in the future.

Law enforcement, as well as the entire criminal justice system, must adhere to specific guidelines and procedures in order to properly charge, prosecute and convict someone. There is no shortage of stories about how police, prosecutors, judges and even juries have made serious mistakes, miscalculations, assumptions or blatant violations of the fundamental rights of individuals before, during or after their trial.

Your Lawyer Is Your Best Or Worst Line Of Defense

You have the right to an attorney. You can choose a public defender or opt to hire a private attorney to represent you. You can also choose to handle matters on your own. Keep in mind that the lawyer you choose is the only person standing between you and a justice system that is often unfriendly and unfair to defendants.

Their experience, ability to build a defense and willingness to devote time and resources to you and your situation combine to determine the quality of representation that you can receive.

Do you want to take chances when it comes to your future?

Do you want to risk being represented by someone who is overloaded with clients?

Are you willing to be represented by an attorney who is only interested in plea-bargaining charges in order to free up their schedule and move on to the next case?

Choose Your Lawyer Wisely

Colorado defense attorneys are easy to find. Choosing one who has experience, tenacity and the willingness to invest time and resources on your behalf is another matter entirely. This is one of the biggest and most important decisions that you will ever make, and you need to know that the representation you receive involves putting your interests above all else.

The McDowell Law Firm defends clients from all walks of life who are facing the gamut of criminal charges. We listen and we take the responsibility of serving our clients very seriously. Contact our office today and take the first step towards obtaining solid representation in order to protect your rights and fight for your freedom.