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Driving under restraint in Colorado

Driving under restraint, suspension or denial are some of the most common type of traffic cases we handle at the McDowell Law Firm. They are so common because there are so many ways to lose your license in Colorado. Driving Under Restraint (DUR) or Driving Under Suspension (DUS) in Colorado means the Colorado DMV has […]

What to expect when charged with a DUI or DWAI in Colorado

If you’ve been charged with a Colorado drunk driving offense it can be one of the scariest moments of your life. I get calls every day from people want to know what to expect after they received DUI charges in Colorado. I have handled thousands of DUI cases both as a former prosecutor at the […]

What will happen on my first DUI Charge in Colorado?

This is the big question people always ask me when we first meet. Obviously, a drunk driving charge is incredibly scary, and people come to a DUI attorney looking for answers, and hopefully some comfort, in knowing what to expect. The most common questions we get asked are: Am I going to jail for a […]