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Wrongful Death

Wrongful Death Lawyer In Colorado

Wrongful death claims are filed when a loved one is killed as a result of the negligence of another party. Victims can ask for damages related to the loss of future income and support, payment of medical and funeral expenses, grief and emotional distress in addition to other allowances. Claims need to be filed within a specified amount of time, and the surviving spouse also has the right to take legal action before that right is passed on to children or parents.

Wrongful Death Claims Are Complex

Wrongful death claims are usually complex matters that are best managed by legal professionals. Victims and their families often struggle with the emotional, financial and practical toll associated with the loss of a loved one, and this can impact sound judgment and clarity of thought. An experienced and dedicated attorney can objectively examine the specific requirements that are necessary to process a claim and navigate the complex legal waters that are usually involved with pursuing such action.

Claimants must establish that the negligent party had a direct hand in the death of the victim. They also must consider and calculate the financial impact of the loss as well.

Avoid Tricks And Tactics

Insurance companies and attorneys for the defendant will often try to persuade grieving family members to take a quick settlement. This initial settlement is rarely a reflection of what victims are entitled to receive, but many accept these offers out of fear or uncertainty that comes with engaging in a prolonged legal battle. The defendant may also try to reduce or eliminate their responsibility by passing blame on to the victim or other extenuating circumstances.

The McDowell Law Firm is fully aware of the tactics, tricks and legal maneuvers that many negligent parties use in order to shift blame or duck their responsibility. We understand what it takes to pursue justice and work to ensure that victims have every possible recourse available to them under the law.

Negotiation, Advocacy And Justice

Many claims are settled through negotiation long before they go to trial. This means that the quality of a settlement will often rest on the ability of the attorney to negotiate on behalf of the survivors. Some attorneys will work long and hard and do whatever it takes for their clients to get fair compensation and justice for their loss. Other attorneys will try to do as little as possible in order to forge a quick settlement and collect their fee.

Anyone who is considering the pursuit of a wrongful death claim should contact the McDowell Law Firm today. We are tenacious advocates for victims and their families, and we will work tirelessly to ensure that every opportunity and legal avenue is being used to secure a fair and appropriate settlement.