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Experienced Lawyer In Colorado Springs

At the McDowell Law Firm, we believe that you deserve effective and compassionate legal representation by an experienced attorney in criminal defense, DUI/DWAI and personal injury cases in Colorado Springs and throughout the state of Colorado.

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We Fight For The Most Favorable Results

Because You Deserve It!

The McDowell Law firm is dedicated to client satisfaction and obtaining the most favorable results for our clients in every matter.

We handle all types of criminal matters, including, drunk driving (DUI, DWAI), domestic violence, felony, misdemeanor, and juvenile cases.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“I can’t say enough good things about Mr. McDowell. He was responsive, helpful, a great listener, and most importantly, he took my calls. He made me feel confident and comfortable. I knew he was experienced when everyone at the courthouse said “hi” to him. I’m glad I called him.”

— Linda

“Josh McDowell is one of the most honorable and genuine people I have ever encountered. I paid a flat fee for a DUI charge that I will admit may not be an easy payment for all, but I received a degree of professionalism, integrity, efficiency , and sincerity that I guarantee you will not find many other places. I highly recommend this firm and those involved with it because I have met them all and know their credentials…. trust me when I say, if you are willing to put your trust in them and believe in their efforts, you will come out on top.”

— F.J

Our Recent Cases

13T2*18-DUI, DEAC (Driving with Excessive Alcohol Content), Careless
Driving-All Charges Dismissed.

13M5*7- DUI, DUI Drugs, Underage Possession of Alcohol- All counts dismissed.
13CR1*59-Check Fraud-Case Dismissed.

13M3*33-Obstruction of a Peace Officer-Case Dismissed.

13M5*71-Third Degree Assault (Domestic Violence), Criminal Mischief,
Child Abuse-All Charges Dismissed.

13M4*41-Criminal Mischief, Telephone Obstruction (Domestic Violence)-
All Charges Dismissed.

12T1*869-Driving Under the Influence Drugs- DUI charges dismissed.
Plea to Careless Driving only.

Criminal Defense & DUI Defense Lawyer In Colorado Springs

Residents of greater Colorado Springs have relied on experience, expertise and knowledge of our law firm in complex criminal and DUI matters.

At the McDowell Law Firm, we believe that the best legal representation is possible only with thorough preparation and skillful presentation of your defense. If you are facing charges – don’t delay – call us today at (719) 227- 0022 and receive a free, no-obligation consultation about your case.


Free Consultation

At McDowell Law Firm, we are committed to our clients and the Southern Colorado community including Aurora and Littleton. As dedicated Colorado attorneys, we offer free no-obligation consultations in all cases. A Colorado attorney from our firm will meet you within 24 hours to discuss your case. Call our law offices at (719) 422-5858, or fill out or online contact form to talk to a lawyer today. Contact Colorado Springs Lawyer Now .