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Multiple DUIs


If you have been charged with a DUI as a second or greater offense in Colorado, you now face increased penalties and consequences from earlier charges. Drunk driving charges are one example of Colorado law where the applicable statute specifies that certain enhanced penalties are required for subsequent offenses.

For example, Colorado requires mandatory minimum jail time for second offenses and third (and greater) offenses in Colorado. Although jail is possible on all Drunk driving cases, it is required that jail be imposed for 10 days on a second conviction and 60 days for a third or greater conviction.

Keep in mind, those are mandatory minimums, and not necessarily what the DA may offer on your case. The offer and/or the sentence imposed by the Court could be substantially higher based on the circumstances of your case.

Colorado does not have a set number of DUI convictions where a DUI charge automatically becomes a felony. Although a drunk driving charge attached to another charge such as driving after revocation prohibited (also known as “DARP” or “HTO”) or eluding a police officer can raise it to a felony level.

When Colorado law talks about “multiple DUIs”, it is referring to a lifetime. Contrary to popular belief, DUIs do not fall off your record after a certain period of time. Even convictions from another state can count as priors for Colorado’s purposes in determining multiple drunk driving charges.

All DUI charges can have a major impact on a person’s life and carry substantial penalties.

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