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Vehicular Homicide And Assault

Vehicular Homicide And Vehicular Assault

Drunk driving and reckless driving are very serious criminal charges. When someone is killed or seriously injured as the result, a person may be facing vehicular homicide or vehicular assault charges.

In Colorado, vehicular homicide is a felony that can carry years in prison, hefty fines and extended loss of driving privileges. If you, or someone you love has been charged with vehicular homicide or assault, you should speak to an experienced defense attorney immediately.

Time Is Of The Essence

In cases of this magnitude, time is of the essence. Witnesses must be contacted, evidence collected, accidents reconstructed. An experienced criminal lawyer can help you navigate this daunting process.

Most vehicular assaults and homicides are “accidental”, in the sense that the person driving never intended to hurt anyone. However, a person charged with either of these crimes will be prosecuted criminally and faces serious consequences for their actions.

Do not hesitate to call our law offices to speak with an attorney about your vehicular assault or homicide charges. The first consult is free in all traffic and criminal cases. We offer payment plans in many cases. So contact us today!