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Theft is the intentional deprivation of something that belongs to someone else without their permission. However, this can be interpreted in a lot of different ways and under a wide range of circumstances.

Theft can include anything from taking money from a wallet or purse when the owner is not looking to not returning a rental car in a timely manner. It can include fraud, deception, embezzlement or making a false statement in order to receive goods or services. It can also include indirectly receiving something that was stolen from someone or somewhere else.

Proving Theft

The prosecutor must establish that the defendant intended to deprive the rightful owner of their property. Accidents happen, misunderstandings occur and people can make mistakes that were not intended to harm someone else. There are many situations where the police or the prosecution fail to look at the whole story before rushing to judgment and charging someone with a crime they did not commit.

Establishing Degree And Severity

Theft can be a misdemeanor or felony, and the severity of the charge will depend on the dollar value of the item(s) in question, who was victimized and how the theft took place. Colorado law stipulates that occurrences of theft are cumulative, and the prosecutor can add the total value of multiple thefts in order to charge a defendant with a crime that is more serious.

Sentences can range from paying a small fine and/or probation to spending life in prison. Each case is judged on its own merits, and sentencing often involves a range of factors that will influence the final decision.

An Attorney Is Essential

Securing an experienced lawyer is highly recommended when anyone is facing a theft charge. The simplest misunderstandings can lead to serious legal consequences that should be defended by seasoned and competent professionals. Things can easily be taken out of context and lives can be severely impacted as the result of a wrongful conviction. Even an accusation can tarnish the reputation of honest individuals who intended to do no harm.

There are many options available to someone who need to defend their theft charge, and there are no one-size-fits-all approaches that work for every case or situation. It is important to work with an attorney who listens, understands the complexities of the law and procedure and will develop a strategy that is based on the unique factors that surround a particular case.

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