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Personal Injury

Personal Injury Lawyer In Colorado

Personal injury claims are not always straightforward or fair. Insurance companies are not always willing to pay for the mistakes of their clients. Parties who are responsible for injuries caused by their neglect will often deny, resist and sidestep their obligations. Victims are often forced to shoulder the financial, emotional and life-changing burden of their injury without having access to justice or proper compensation.

Why An Attorney Is Important?

This is why contacting an experienced personal injury attorney is important. The legal process is often complex, confusing and full of technicalities that the average person cannot effectively navigate on their own. This is often exacerbated by stress caused by pain and suffering, severe and sudden lifestyle changes, dealing with long-term illness, disability or financial concerns.

Colorado law specifies that victims have rights. However, standing up for those rights is not easy. Responsible parties will often go to great lengths to avoid paying damages, offering proper and fair settlements and even blaming victims for causing the incident in the first place.

Most Claims Are Settled Before Going To Court

Most victims settle their claims without the need to take the matter to trial. However, the quality and fairness of a settlement often depends on the process of negotiation. Working with an experienced attorney can help to ensure that the amount that is reached during this process is fair and equitable. Medical bills, lost income, punitive damages and consideration for the future all need to be taken into account.

How Can An Attorney Help Me?

Going through the process alone puts many victims at a disadvantage simply because they do not understand the full and long-term ramifications and cost of their injury. Insurance companies count on this as a way to minimize the amount they will pay, and their lawyers and agents work hard to convince victims to settle for a low amount instead of risking a lengthy and uncertain trial.

The McDowell Law Firm has an extensive experience when it comes to negotiating with other parties in order to get clients a settlement they truly deserve. We are also experienced litigators who know how to speak on behalf of clients if the matter must proceed to trial.

Focus On Recovery And Moving On

Victims should not need to endure the abuses and frustration that many negligent parties cause after they have been injured. A competent and experienced attorney can manage the legal and technical aspects of pursuing a personal injury claim while victims can focus on rebuilding their lives.

Contact the McDowell Law Firm today and let our experience and resources help you to negotiate a proper settlement. Avoid the temptation to settle for less than you deserve, and allow us to hold the other party fully accountable for their actions.