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Juvenile Defense

Juvenile Defense Attorney Colorado

Juveniles who are charged with a crime in Colorado usually face a process that differs from what adults experience. They can be tried as adults in serious situations, but there are different courts, procedures and guidelines that are specifically intended for underage persons who are facing criminal prosecution.

The consequences of being convicted as a juvenile can be as simple as probation or community service to being removed from the home and placed in a facility for years.

Parents Have Rights And Responsibilities

Parents have the right to be present while police are interrogating their children. They also have the right to consent as to whether or not a child can answer questions or make statements. Parents can also be held accountable for the actions of their children. They can be sued in civil court for damages caused to the victim, forced to participate in parenting classes, lose custody of their children and even be charged with abuse, endangerment or neglect.

The Right Attorney Can Make The Difference

Children often commit crimes without thinking about the consequences of their actions. Sometimes they make poor decisions or simply end up at the wrong place at the wrong time. However, the consequences of being convicted of a crime can follow them for the rest of their lives. A conviction can make them ineligible for financial aid, impact their ability to enter college, interfere with getting a good job, obtaining credit or securing a good place to live in the future.

Records are not automatically sealed or expunged once a child turns 18 years old, and an act of spontaneous youthful impulse as an adolescent may limit their ability to enjoy all of the opportunities that upstanding adults take for granted.

The best protection that any child has while facing criminal charges is an attorney who is experienced with handling juvenile criminal matters. The McDowell Law Firm is an experienced and comprehensive legal resource that parents can use to defend their child who is in trouble.

Ensuring Justice And Fairness

There is a difference between justice and fairness. Children are especially susceptible to overzealous prosecution or the ire of alleged victims or their families who want them to be held accountable for their actions. It is important to have a staunch advocate who will fight for the best interest of the child throughout every stage of this stressful and complex legal process.

Contact our office today and let us help you understand your options and rights. We provide advocacy, resources and guidance that is based on the matter at hand as well as the future and well-being of your child.