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Two chaperones accused of deriding students as “sluts and whores” for dancing too closely at the Manitou Springs prom last April only wanted to “keep kids safe,” they said in an apology letter to The Gazette. Hannah Rockey and Jennifer Farmer agreed to apologize and make a cash donation to the Manitou Springs High School prom fund under a mediation agreement that resulted in the dismissal of misdemeanor harassment charges against them. “We truly regret that the evening was less enjoyable than you hoped for,” the pair said in a statement addressed to attendees of the city’s prom dance, held April 21 at Manitou Springs City Hall. The statement was emailed to The Gazette on Saturday by attorney Josh McDowell. “Our intention was to keep kids safe while ensuring that they had a good time, and we failed some students in that regard.””

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Colorado Springs Independent


Local attorney Josh McDowell, an ex-deputy DA here, said this: “The odd thing is, we have a state law against throwing missiles, like a rock, at cars or at any moving vehicle. But there’s no law about throwing things at people. If you threw a shoe at someone it would be, at worst, a petty offense. And if it wasn’t the president, it wouldn’t have been a big deal. If someone threw a shoe at a local Council-type meeting, does anyone really care? Would the DA’s office file charges? Probably not.”

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Fox News 21

rsz_2fox21logoAttorney Joshua McDowell was asked to comment on a popular Drunk Driving iphone app.: “It’s important to emphasize the application’s calculation is only an estimate, which is one thing that concerns attorney Joshua McDowell. A majority of the clients McDowell represents face DUI charges. He worries this application may provide a false sense of security, especially if it’s used incorrectly.”

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News 5

koaalogo“Joshua McDowell, attorney for Hannah Rockey, comments on allegations against his client. All charges against Ms. Rockey were dismissed.” Prom-goers say the chaperones took things too far. “Some girls got sprayed with Lysol and they were being called whores and sluts and just the same thing over and over. It makes the girls feel horrible about themselves. And they’re parents too which is… I just think its wrong” Zoe Barlow, a student at Manitou Springs High School told News 5. Another student, Jason Downs, said the use of chemicals against the teens was dangerous and out of line. “Their eyes were super red, like burning because its Lysol! And they left the prom. Kids got it in their mouths.” Downs said he never expected this type of behavior out of adults. “The chaperone that was spraying kids was my kindergarten math teacher,” he said. “It’s a bunch of 18-year-old seniors, we’re not harming anyone we’re just dancing and they turned it into a big deal and made a lot of problems.”

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