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Fraud And Economic Crimes


Economic crimes, often times called white-collar crimes, can include a wide variety of criminal activity. Economic crimes can be some of the most detailed and difficult cases to defend. Certain cases require experts and forensic accountants to defend against fraud allegations. Some common economic crimes include:

  • Embezzlement;
  • Theft;
  • Forgery;
  • Fraud;
  • Check Fraud;
  • Unauthorized use of a financial transaction device.

Economic crimes are commonly charged as felony level offenses based on the amount of money involved in the matter. If you have been accused of an economic crime, you should contact an experienced defense lawyer immediately. Time is of the essence to collect information and formulate a paper trail that can lead to your exoneration of criminal charges and possibly even your freedom.

What’s At Stake In An Economic Crime Prosecution?

Many times, an economic crime starts at a person’s place of work. Whether it is a crime of embezzlement, theft or fraud, any type of economic crime can affect your current position and your ability to obtain employment in the future.

Almost every employer does background checks on potential hires and a charge of fraud, theft or forgery isn’t something that will move a person to the top of the resume pile.

Depending on the nature of the crime, and the value of the money or property involved, an economic crime can land you in prison for years. In other cases, a person convicted of theft or forgery may be looking at a lengthy probation sentence, community service, and substantial fines.

Finally, one must consider the restitution that most be paid back as part of an economic crime prosecution. If money or a thing of value was the basis of the charges, the District Attorney will certainly seek restitution as a part of the case. Restitution is making a monetary payment to pay for the victim’s actual monetary loss in a case.

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If you are under investigation for an economic crime, or have been charged with theft, fraud or embezzlement, you should speak to an attorney today about your options and how to best defend your matter. Josh McDowell has handled many theft, fraud and other “white-collar” types of crimes. His experience as an economic crime defense lawyer can benefit you and your situation as you seek to avoid a conviction and the other issues that a guilty plea can bring.

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