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Federal Criminal Defense Attorney

Colorado Springs Federal Criminal Defense Attorney

Federal criminal cases involving complex issues of law are investigated and prosecuted by the most well-funded, highly trained law enforcement agencies and prosecutors. Whether you are the target of an investigation into a violation of federal law, or if you have already been charged, you want a skilled and experienced federal criminal defense attorney on your side.

Fighting For You Against The Resources Of The Federal Government

Criminal investigations into allegations of violating federal law can go on for months or years. Thousands of documents may be gathered as evidence and hundreds of witness may be interviewed as investigators use search warrants and the latest surveillance technology to build a case against you. Federal prosecutions may include crimes spanning multiple state or international borders and target criminal enterprises taking in huge sums of money. The penalties for those convicted are severe given the nature of the criminal activities.

Skillful Representation In All Federal Criminal Cases

Colorado Springs criminal defense attorney Joshua J. McDowell puts the skills and know-how he acquired as a former prosecutor into providing his clients a federal criminal defense to match up with the talent and resources the U.S. government puts into these types of prosecutions. The McDowell Law Firm can design and execute a defense strategy in even the most complex federal criminal cases including:

  • Drug crimes including possession, interstate and international drug trafficking, manufacturing and transporting;
  • White collar crimes including tax and securities fraud, business and commercial fraud, Ponzi schemes, identity theft and cyber crimes;
  • Health care fraud including Medicare and Medicaid fraud;
  • Weapons violations under the National Firearms Act;
  • Bank robbery;
  • Kidnapping;
  • Mail fraud.

Federal crimes are serious offenses, so the penalties imposed by judges tend to be harsh and severe. These may include long prison sentences, huge fines, restitution and asset forfeiture.

Protecting Your Rights

Taking on the full-weight of the federal government as it tries to build a case against you may seem like a daunting task, but the McDowell Law Firm is more than up for the task of protecting your rights and working to secure your freedom. As a former prosecutor, Joshua J. McDowell knows what goes into preparing a case for prosecution. He will put that knowledge to work for you.

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