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DMV Suspensions

DMV Suspensions Attorney Colorado Springs

If you are facing the possibility of a driver’s license suspension, you understand that losing your ability to drive can have a major impact on your life. A suspended license means your driving privileges are suspended for a period of time, and until certain conditions are met.

The most common way that people get their driver’s license suspended in Colorado is by a point suspension. Here is a chart that shows how many points are allowed based on the age of the driver:

Age Group

Minor Driver (16-17)

Minor (18-20)

Adult (21 and over)

12 month

6 points

9 points

12 points

24 month


12 points

18 points

Period of License

7 points

14 points

If you accrue enough points to put you over the limit, the DMV will move to suspend your license. Even if you go over on points, you are still entitled to a hearing on the suspension. The maximum length of suspension is one year for excessive points, but not all suspensions are the same length of time. When you appear for the DMV hearing, you can demonstrate mitigating factors and apply for a restricted license that allows limited driving privileges.

A driver’s license with restrictions, commonly called a “red license,” means that you drive to and from work, school, or other important appointments with approval from the DMV.

If you are facing a license suspension in Colorado Springs, exercise your right to speak to an attorney about the options you have in your situation.