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Commercial Driver DUI

Commercial DUI Colorado Springs

As a commercial driver, your license to drive a CDL vehicle is your livelihood and the way to support your family. If you have been charged with a DUI or other drunk driving charge, you risk losing your ability to drive a commercial vehicle.

If you carry a CDL, you face extended penalties on your CDL that non-CDL holders do not face on their ability to drive. For example, a second DUI conviction in a lifetime or a second DMV revocation is a lifetime ban on a Colorado Commercial Driver’s License.

For drivers of commercial vehicles, the legal limit of alcohol concentration is also lower. Obviously, any amount of alcohol while driving can be dangerous, but a commercial vehicle presents even greater risk to others on the road based on the size and weight of a typical commercial vehicle.

Additionally, if you are a commercial driver, keep in mind that the DMV will have additional consequences that will curb your ability to drive. For example, if you are required to carry an interlock device, you will not be allowed to operate a commercial vehicle during that period of time.

Any type of DUI conviction can have a serious effect on your job and your future, but when you are a Colorado CDL holder, a DUI conviction can keep you from earning money you need to support yourself and your family.

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