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Colorado Drug Offenses Attorney

Colorado Springs Drug Offenses Attorney

The complexity of the drug laws and the consequences that a conviction can have on your life, are reasons why retaining the services of a drug offenses attorney in Colorado is so important. Most people are aware of the severe penalties, such as imprisonment and fines, that courts may impose, but few of them realize that a drug conviction can be a factor a court holds against you in a child custody case.

Drug Offenses Lawyer In Colorado

Changes in the laws pertaining to medical marijuana and the possession of small quantities of marijuana for recreational use in Colorado should not be interpreted as a relaxation of the drug laws in the state. Marijuana is still classified as a dangerous drug under federal law.

State, local and federal law enforcement agencies are well-funded and equipped to investigate individuals suspected of committing drug crimes. Their efforts are supported by laws covering a wide range of activities related to drugs or controlled substances, including:

  • Possession or use;
  • Trafficking;
  • Distribution, manufacturing or dispensing;
  • Sales

Colorado Penalties For Drug Offenses

Colorado drug misdemeanors and drug felonies now have penalties that are separate and distinct from the penalties courts may impose for other types of criminal behavior. The drug misdemeanors are divided into two levels: DM1 and DM2. Penalties for a DM1 conviction are six to 18 months in jail or prison and fines ranging from $500 to $5,000. A DM2 crime carries up to 12 months in jail and fines from $50 to $750.

Drug felonies also have multiple levels with penalties ranging from six months in jail to 32 years in prison and fines from $1,000 up to $1 million. The level of crime and the penalties depend upon the conduct of the accused and the quantity of the drugs involved.

How A Drug Offenses Attorney In Colorado Springs Can Help

Attorney Joshua J. McDowell is a former deputy district attorney who understands how prosecutors build a case against someone suspected of committing a drug offense. He uses this knowledge and experience to aggressively challenge the evidence and attack the charges faced by his clients in Colorado Springs and nearby.