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Auto Accidents

Auto Accidents Attorney In Colorado Springs

There is no such thing as a routine auto accident, and contacting an attorney can help to protect your interests and defend your rights. Many collisions can be resolved without any complicated legal wrangling, but there are also many times when the other party or their insurer will make matters much more difficult.

The Real Consequences Of An Accident In Colorado

Most people are not prepared to endure complex and prolonged legal proceedings that often do not include elements that relate to the actual incident. Injuries can be fabricated and embellished, insurers can refuse or limit the amount of compensation they are willing to pay and parties may face civil as well as criminal legal action.

The party who is determined to be at fault in an accident is usually the one who is responsible for paying damages. These can include the repair or replacement of vehicles, covering the cost of medical expenses as well as compensatory damages in addition to fines and attorney fees.

Minimizing Unexpected Complications

Insurance companies usually act on behalf of the parties involved, but it is far too common for insurers to shirk their responsibility. There are also times when the damages exceed policy limitations and the at-fault party is required to pay the difference.

Police also make mistakes, and the result can be that one party is found to be at fault for causing the accident when other factors may have contributed to the incident instead. Further problems arise if a party involved in the crash does not have a license, is not fully insured or was under the influence of alcohol or drugs at the time.

Driving while distracted is quickly becoming a huge problem, and texting or talking on a cellphone while driving is contributing to a growing number of accidents in Colorado Springs every year.

Professional Guidance And Management

An attorney can provide expertise, perspective and protection against these and many other consequences of an auto accident that many people simply cannot foresee. You want an advocate who understands the legal process that takes place following an accident, and it is essential to work with a partner who will speak and work on your behalf at every turn.

Victims, as well as parties who are found to be at-fault, should not risk their financial security, peace of mind or health and well-being by managing the effects of an accident on their own.

The McDowell Law Firm has years of experience when it comes to representing parties involved in simple, as well as serious auto accidents. Contact our office today and schedule a consultation in order to explore your legal options. You have rights, and we have resources that can assist you in standing up for those rights in order protect your interests.