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  • DON'T LOOK ANYWHERE ELSE!! Exceptional DUI attorney. Hands down the best in Colorado Springs.

  • Professional and experienced, I could not have asked for a better lawyer.

    DUI client
  • I want to express my gratitude to Josh for being much more than a lawyer, Josh is kind and understanding and I cannot thank him enough.

Former Prosecutor working for you!
Josh McDowell believes in providing attentive service and personally handles all of his cases. He is a former Deputy District Attorney in El Paso County, Colorado who will put his knowledge of the court system and trial experience to work for you.


Charge: Felony Theft.
Result: Not Guilty!

Experienced Legal Representation


As a former prosecutor and long-time defense lawyer, Josh McDowell knows the Court system, how to use the evidence to your advantage, and how to minimize the impact that a drunk driving charge has on your life.

Criminal Defense

A criminal conviction can destroy your future. That's why it's very important to find an experienced criminal defense attorney that will fight for the best outcome in your case.

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence charges are serious. Our firm has helped hundreds of people in Colorado Springs that faced allegations of domestic violence protect their freedom and careers.

Auto Accidents

If you've been involved in a car accident in Colorado, suffered a serious injury or lost a loved one due to someone else’s negligence - we can help.


When you decide it's time to hire an attorney, you know the importance of having a professional working to get the the best possible result in your case. In every type of case, there are proven methods that an experienced attorney will use in preparing your case and presenting them with the end result in mind.

Our Approach

In every case I handle, my goal is to provide value to my clients. Value in offering affordable legal services, and value in being result-oriented in my approach. I want my clients to get more than they paid for and understand that exceeding our clients' expectations is our primary goal.

Colorado Springs DUI And Criminal Defense

This doesn't have to affect the rest of your life. There is a lot at stake when you've been charged with a crime. Whether it is a felony, misdemeanor or a DUI, it is something that will keep you up at night, worried about your job, your freedom and your future. While the process is never easy, there is a lot I can do to make it less painful and less impactful on your life.

Personal Injury In Colorado Springs

Level the playing field. When you're in a car accident, you have a lot on your plate: medical bills, pain, doctor's visits, missed work, and the list goes on. My job is to advocate for Colorado accident victims with the issues that arise when you've been injured, and navigate the process of dealing with the insurance company.

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